Letter from Richard Luxton, Chair of MLSW

Dear Medilink South West Members, Thank you for your interest in the Medilink South West network. As a regional expression of Medilink UK we aim to keep you in touch with news and events happening across the Medilink network nationally. We produce a regular newsletter which you will have seen recently but occasionally there are extra news items that we feel can add particular benefit for our members and as part of this we will send the occasional email, like this, with particular news from Medilink (regional and national) that I hope may be of interest to you.
  • Please find attached a letter from the NHS regarding “EU Exit actions for medical devices and clinical consumables”. See here. This has be distributed to us from Medilink UK. Also attached is a communication from the MHRA (distributed from the Office of Life Science) providing detail of legislation to ensure continuity of supply of medicines, medical devices and clinical trials in a no deal Brexit. See here. We will forward any MLUK updates regarding this to you.
  • You will have seen in the recent newsletter that the Medilink South West Awards are being held in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter on the 28th of March. The winner of each category will be entered into the Medilink UK National Awards being held in April and Medilink South West will support the winners to attend the awards. Companies submitting an entry to the Medilink South West Awards will have the opportunity to give a short pitch about their company. The awards are being jointly hosted by the South West Academic Scientific Network. If you are interested in nominating your organisation please contact us. If you wish to attend the Awards, Register here.
  • We are looking to recruit 2 new members to the Board of Medilink South West. If you are interested in joining the Board please send an email to Julie.Maggs@uwe.ac.uk giving your details and how you feel that your skills can support Medilink South West.
At the moment we plan to run 2 events a year, the annual awards and a workshop. In addition to this, we partner with a number of organisations to run networking events. Please let us know if you would like to see other specific activities that we could deliver. All the very best, Prof Richard Luxton Managing Director of Medilink South West